Digibyte Sports Betting: Soon to be the Number One Decentralised Sportsbook Currency

Digibyte sports betting

Safer and Faster to Bet with than any other Crypto Currency

There's no denying that overall DGB represents one of the best crypto currencies out there, in terms of speed it outstrips almost every other currency (and is the fastest decentralised currency) with scalability to transact at speeds of 1066 transactions per second. From a betting perspective this is extremely important. If users are wishing to place bets on a betting exchange or sports book, they don't want to even wait a minute for their deposit to be successfully verified. With digibyte their deposit could be verified in seconds. This will work the same with withdrawal speeds too.

Sportsbook 1xbit.com accept Digibyte and betting, deposit and withdrawal times are lightning fast.

Why it's More Practical and Safer Betting with DGB than Others

Bitcoin is safe to bet with, it's highly decentralised, but it's super slow to deposit and clumsy to bet with, not being able to bet below 0.002 BTC, which is currently equivalent to roughly 20 USD means users wanting to bet small won't be able to, so it's not practical for small betters. Think in the future if 1 BTC becomes 50,000 USD. That means users will need to bet 100 USD minimum. DGB is not only far faster than BTC but it can be divided up into much smaller deposits allowing users to bet below 10 USD as a minimum bet - far more practical.

Even with big betters, due to BTC's sluggish speed when depositing into a sportsbook, it makes sense to bet with DGB instead. DGB was never launched with an intitial coin offering meaning no one person holds a big chunk of the supply, it is highly decentralised with 100,000's of users. Unlike coins like TRX where large volumes are owned by their founder, DGB isn't owned by anyone, it's a community driven coin where no one has ultimate control over the blockchain or supply. This means owning and betting with DGB means that currency is always going to be yours and will never be controlled or hijacked by a central power. Smarter people will begin to bet with DGB because of this.


DGB more recently introduced an update to it's blockchain known as Dandelion ++ which obfuscates the senders IP address meaning it is very difficult for anyone to track where a transaction comes from. This means you can bet with more privacy than with Bitcoin where all transactions are completely transparent on the blockchain.

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