Bitcoin Trading Game Review

It usually pays to take any self-proclaimed educational app with a pinch of salt. The quality of information and the sharpness of these learning tools – particularly those in potentially costly, high-stakes industries such as stock trading – can vary from low and blunt to high and extremely sharp. Before encountering The Trading Game, I was firmly on the sceptical side of the fence. After all, a free app with “Game” in the title that professes to provide you with the fundamentals of Forex trading must be too good to be true, right? My initial hesitancy may have been somewhat unwarranted; here is a deeper review of what turned out to be quite the robust primer for the world of stock trading.

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Bet Scorum Launches: Blockchain Betting with No Fees

I am really excited by the fact that Bet Scorum has finally launched with what looks to be a stable release with hundreds of active users already wagering bets. The Graphene based blockchain betting exchange is the first of it’s kind to launch. For anyone who isn’t aware of Scorum, they are a relatively new crypto start up in the sports media field. They offer regular sports fans the opportunity to blog about their favourite sports and earn money from their work.

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Commission Free No Fee Crypto Betting Exchange to Launch Soon

The first ever commission free and no fee crypto currency betting exchange is to launch soon online thanks to Up until now the world has not seen a betting exchange in action that allows players to bet against each other without it costing a fee or commission.

scorum betting exchange

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Welcome to Crypto and Sports

Welcome to our new website. This will be the only site to comprehensively focus on the sports industry as it relates to crypto currency and blockchain. Over the next 5 years both industries will become intrinsically linked across many sub industries including payments, entertainment such as sports streaming via the internet, sports news and sports betting.

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